Monday, December 6, 2010

Moi Styling Top 5 Confetti ideas

You've said your “I do's”, he kissed his bride and now you are husband and wife! Now we've given the following step some thought. Always wonder what you can do different with regards to confetti besides it being the non creative boring rose petals? So the Moi team went on a investigation on what one can do to be creative or different when it comes to your wedding's confetti. So here is our top 5 ideas:

Confetti Idea No 1 – Organic
Fynbos confetti better known as “scatterlings”

Pic Taken from

This cute little pink fynbos flowers are all hand picked in the Heidelberg district in the Western Cape Province. The flowers are stripped in Spring and then dries naturally. They are then sealed in air tight containers to retain their natural deep pink colour. You can view the website for more info and prices for these cutties!

Confetti Idea No 2 – Eco Friendly

Pic taken from

Traditional confetti can sometimes make a mess and it's not eco friendly. Birdseeds on the other hand is light weighed and once it is used as confetti the birds will eat them so no one has to clean up afterwards.

Confetti Idea No 3 – DIY
The Ribbon Wand!

Rozanne, a bridal stylist from Moi Styling says, “When I attend weddings I always think to myself that I do not want to be thrown with things when I get married. There is always someone who tries to be funny and throw it straight at your face or puts a handful down your dress or his suit.” As we browsed through different ideas we thought that this would be the solution to Rozanne's confetti fears.

These Ribbon wands are so easy to make and looks fabulous on the day as well. All you need is 10mm thick and 40mm long stick that’s available at your local hardware shop. Then you would also need any ribbons that is about 500mm long pieces that portrays the colour scheme of your wedding. Use any wood and fabric glue to stick the ribbon onto the stick and a thumb tack on the ends for the final touch.

Confetti dea No 4 – Revamping the old and making it NEW!
Dried Rose Buds

Image provided from google images

The most common confetti idea must be the rose petal! We however thought why not revamp the petal and instead use the whole rose bud itself! It would certainly look like a rose and smell more like a rose! The one big problem we normally have with petals are that the petals stain clothing items. A tip from the Moi team is to freeze dry them before hand. This is a different process than drying, it actually does involve a freezer! Have a look at where they will give you a good idea of how to freeze dry.

Confetti Idea No 5– Sparkle your way into the night with Sparklers

This is perfect for an evening wedding and certainly create a festive mood. Get the party started with these sparklers. This idea creates lovely shots for your wedding album and there is nothing to mess up your hair or make up. Sounds like a good idea to us!

Till we post again...
Rozanne & Sybil

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Fake is the new real.

If there is ever something to fake at your wedding it is this following trend. Brides are constantly looking for new ways to make their wedding stand out from the rest. We have found this interesting flower bouquets made out of brooches which will do just that. We simply love this idea and here are some pics to give you inspiration of how you can collect brooches, old and new, and put them together for your wedding bouquets.

This is a very pretty idea but it comes with this following caution message: Please do not through this bouquet at the single ladies on your wedding...they may end up with a few stitches. :)

Till we post again...

Sybil and Rozanne xx

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Tania and Marius wedding

A few months ago SA Weddings hosted a bridal beauty and styling workshop where the Moi team shared some of our expert advice and inspirations when putting together your wedding style. On that day Tania was the winner of the Phenomenal Prize which included Moi styling services, hair and make up from Lori Mauerberger, a wedding dress from Elizabeth wedding gowns, shoes from Anella, an engagement shoot from Warren Williams, jewelry from Uwe Koetter etc.

Tania was simply speechless when she won this amazing prize. The following week we met up with Tania and discussed her wedding theme. She liked the idea of a pink wedding. The Moi team put this mood board together and came up with this fabulous shades of pink wedding.

We went to Elizabeth's studio in the Northern Suburbs where we got to choose from a wide variety of beautiful vintage inspired dresses. We suggested a white dress with silver tones for Tania because it complemented her skin tone.

She made her choice and she looked amazing!! She went to Anella shoes and found the perfect fit which complemented her dress very well. Lori Mauerberger form beauty bulletin did her hair and make up on her wedding day. So without further a due here is her wedding pics which were taken by photographer Just Judy:

Congratulations to Tania and Marius, you are truly an amazing couple and we wish you lots of love, peace and happiness.

Dress: Elizabeth Stockenstrom from Elizabeth wedding gowns
Photographer: Just Judy
Flowers: Mint & Magnolia
D├ęcor: Rhebokskloof Genevieve
Make-Up: Lori Mauerberger from

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Shopping with the Moi team @ Queue shoes, Willowbridge

This is one of our favourite shoes shops simply because you will always find something that you were looking for. They cover any type of shoe from sneakers to fashionable high heels. Ladies love to shop here because they will always find something at Queue for any occasion. The best of all is that their prices are excellent.

 "Queue aims to be the destination of choice for fashion conscious women who appreciate contemporary, yet elegant style. We answer their ever-changing needs by carrying a wide range of high quality international and local shoe and accessory lines. Queue carries a one of a kind own-brand range PLUS well established brands such as Steve Madden, Errol Arendz, Pringle, Kathy van Zeeland, Daniella Michelle and many more."

Here is our favourite high heels selection for this season at Queue

Here is our favourite sandal selection for this season at Queue

You will also find a range of beautiful handbags from the latest fashions at Queue.

Queue constantly receives new stock throughout the season so it will be worth your while to head down to Queue more than 3 times a season and walk out with a pair of shoes each time! Don't say we didn't warn you!

Thanks again to our lovely photographer Magrietjie for shooting our every step...

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Shopping with the Moi team @ XOXO, Willowbridge

Our next stop was at XOXO in Willowbridge. Now we simply love this shop because when ever we start to shop for a new season we go to XOXO to buy all our basic tops, pants, dresses etc. With these basics you can build a wardrobe and mix and match it with different accessories, shoes, handbags etc. There are endless possibilities when buying a simple clothing item...

Here Sybil is selecting some items from the store. Whats we like about the XOXO clothing ranges are that if you find something that you like in a colour you will have a selection of different colours to chose from in that specific item.

 Rozanne LOVES her bling and what better way to style a sequin scarf with a nude dress. These scarves come in 3 colour ways: Black, gold and silver.

XOXO also sells a variety of jewelry and handbags.

Go check out this store and you will be surprised with endless possibilities.

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Tania and Marius: "Alice in Wonderland" engagement shoot

We had the privilege of teaming up with Photographer Warren Williams to do an engagement shoot with Tania and Marius. Tania won an engagement shoot at the The Phenomenal Bridal beauty and styling workshop and decided that she wanted an Alice in wonderland theme.

So off we went into the woods to set up a little tea party. All the props were sourced by the moi team and we would like to thank Lavish events for making the delicious cupcakes and Funky aprons for Tania's adorable outfit.

Thanks again to Lavish events for this beautiful and delicious cupcakes!

Thanks again to Funky Aprons for making this adorable outfit for Tania! She certainly look the part!

After our work was done we all sat down for a cupcake and tea...

Thanks thought you were the only one with photoshop skills...."Thanks John, darling!!!" :)
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