Thursday, February 9, 2012

Real wedding: Nicola and Kevin

Styling Kevin was an easy task not because his style was simple but they are such warm people and were so pleasant to work with. He wanted a beige suit and the rest were still debatable. After a 20 minute fitting Kevin left with his Emilio Orsini suit .
I absolutely loved this suit because there were only a few made in this specific fabric. So Kevin...Consider this a one of a kind suit!

After our first fitting Nicola phoned me asking if I will be able to style the other most important men in her life: her Dad, stepdad and Kevin's dad.
I styled them in navy and charcoal suits. Quick and hassle free they came for fittings and left with their complete new style.

This is what Nicola had to say about Moi Styling:
"You made that man and men in my life look so handsome they stole the show! Thanks for the impeccable service; accommodating our delayed flights and styling the most important man in my life now :)"

It was more than a pleasure meeting Nicola, Kevin and their amazing families. I wish you all of the best!

Here are some pics of their wedding:

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