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Moi Styling Top 5 Confetti ideas

You've said your “I do's”, he kissed his bride and now you are husband and wife! Now we've given the following step some thought. Always wonder what you can do different with regards to confetti besides it being the non creative boring rose petals? So the Moi team went on a investigation on what one can do to be creative or different when it comes to your wedding's confetti. So here is our top 5 ideas:

Confetti Idea No 1 – Organic
Fynbos confetti better known as “scatterlings”

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This cute little pink fynbos flowers are all hand picked in the Heidelberg district in the Western Cape Province. The flowers are stripped in Spring and then dries naturally. They are then sealed in air tight containers to retain their natural deep pink colour. You can view the website for more info and prices for these cutties!

Confetti Idea No 2 – Eco Friendly

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Traditional confetti can sometimes make a mess and it's not eco friendly. Birdseeds on the other hand is light weighed and once it is used as confetti the birds will eat them so no one has to clean up afterwards.

Confetti Idea No 3 – DIY
The Ribbon Wand!

Rozanne, a bridal stylist from Moi Styling says, “When I attend weddings I always think to myself that I do not want to be thrown with things when I get married. There is always someone who tries to be funny and throw it straight at your face or puts a handful down your dress or his suit.” As we browsed through different ideas we thought that this would be the solution to Rozanne's confetti fears.

These Ribbon wands are so easy to make and looks fabulous on the day as well. All you need is 10mm thick and 40mm long stick that’s available at your local hardware shop. Then you would also need any ribbons that is about 500mm long pieces that portrays the colour scheme of your wedding. Use any wood and fabric glue to stick the ribbon onto the stick and a thumb tack on the ends for the final touch.

Confetti dea No 4 – Revamping the old and making it NEW!
Dried Rose Buds

Image provided from google images

The most common confetti idea must be the rose petal! We however thought why not revamp the petal and instead use the whole rose bud itself! It would certainly look like a rose and smell more like a rose! The one big problem we normally have with petals are that the petals stain clothing items. A tip from the Moi team is to freeze dry them before hand. This is a different process than drying, it actually does involve a freezer! Have a look at where they will give you a good idea of how to freeze dry.

Confetti Idea No 5– Sparkle your way into the night with Sparklers

This is perfect for an evening wedding and certainly create a festive mood. Get the party started with these sparklers. This idea creates lovely shots for your wedding album and there is nothing to mess up your hair or make up. Sounds like a good idea to us!

Till we post again...
Rozanne & Sybil

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