Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Chandre, The Phenomenal Bridal Beauty and Styling show

You've met our first candidate Angelique...now please meet Chandre.
She was one of our four Phenomenal Bridal Beauty and Styling Brides-to-be. View her introduction video clip or follow this link to her you tube video:

Chandre is a very sentimental type of person but quirky. She likes classic things which are timeless but wanted hints of current fashions. Therefor we created the following mood board for her:

We created a purple, pink and charcoal wedding style theme. Very classic but with hints of vintage decor. We liked the idea of combining different types of flowers within the purple and pink colour scheme. For her decor we suggested having crystal and silver cutlery and crockery. We suggested that the groom should wear a charcoal or black suit with a purple tie to complement the colour scheme. For her bridesmaids she wanted a colour which they could wear again and not be restricted. We suggested satin charcoal dresses. This colour suits any skin tone and is a neutral colour which they could wear again.

To portray the quirkiness within Chandre's wedding style we suggested to her that she should wear a purple shoe. She loved the idea of a shoe with colour because this meant that she could wear it again after the wedding.

We took Chandre for a fitting to Elizabeth's studio in Durbanville. According to her body type we wanted her to wear a strapless dress with detail on the bodice to emphasize her bust. We then liked the idea of adding a purple sash to the dress to reflect her colou scheme and add a brooch to that to reflect the vintage theme of the wedding. We selected an off white dress with a gold undertone to complement her skin tone.
She looked amazing!!

On the day of the show her hair and make up was done by Lori Mauerburger and Carla Abrahams.

 And this is Chandre transformation...........


This is what Chandre thought of the Moi Styling team and the whole experience:

"Where to begin...I would like to thank you for taking all the expert styling knowledge you have, and making sure that I looked amazing in my unique style.

Thanks for inventing the Moi Styling MOOD BOARD, that really makes the life of service providers and brides much easier when it comes to getting the whole picture of a wedding style and theme.

I must admit you really did something right, because when I stepped onto the stage, my family and friends were all in tears when they saw me, and this is all thanks to your expert advice and knowledge given to me.

You are amazing and I can tell you one thing, your business will just grow to even greater SUCCESS!!!! You are really an inspiration to me


Chandre van Niekerk"

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Angelique, The Phenomenal Bridal beauty and styling show

Meet Angelique, she was one of our four Phenomenal Bridal Beauty and Styling Brides-to-be. View her introduction video clip or follow this link to her you tube video:

Angelique wanted a red and black wedding. We created this mood board to portray her wedding style.
Angelique is a very traditional and classic bride. She likes roses and queen proteas and we suggested that for her bouquet and table decor that she should include these flowers with crystal, glass and silver cutlery and crockery. We suggested that she should wear a ivory colour dress to complement her skin tone. For her bridesmaids we suggested red raw silk dresses with red and black accessories. For her groom-to-be a black suit with campaign gold coloured ties and waistcoat.

We took Angelique for dress fittings at Elizabeth in Durbanville. We were left with so many choices because every dress she tried on looked amazing on her. But in the end we chose an ivory dress and style according to her figure.

The day of the show her hair and make up was done by Hair stylist, Lori Mauerburger and Make up artist, Carla Abrahams.

DRUMROLL.......................and this is Angeliques PHENOMENAL transformation!

This is what Angelique thought of The Moi Styling Team:

"Good day Rozanne and Sybil
I had a great day with you at The Phenomenal Bridal Beauty and Styling Workshop! You absolutely exceeded my expectations and made the experience fun and exciting. I learned a lot and really appreciate the time you took to transform me into the gorgeous "bride to be". 
WOW! The reaction after the workshop was pretty amazing.
I have been so pleased with the results.  My entire family and all my friends was bowled over by my appearance at the workshop.  I've lost track of the positive comments I've received from my family and friends - "you go, girl", "diva" etc
What is special about what you provide is your strong sense of style. You are really like loving big sisters willing to share all their fashion secrets.
You have excellent taste and you practice what you preach.
My love and admiration,
Angelique van Zyl"
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