Monday, February 21, 2011

Behind the scenes: My wedding day magazine editorial

Shooting day starts with everyone arriving and having a chat with a cup of coffee and slowly but surely everyone starts unpacking make up kits, photographic equipment, props, clothes and accessories. Now once this process has started you have an enthusiastic team in a "organised" chaotic room.

Yesterday we shot at the Fotofactory in Cape Town with photographer Adel Ferreira. We thought we would share some moments behind the scenes of the editorial we shot for My Wedding Day magazine. This issue will be released in be sure to be on the look out for this one.

Anne - Mart ( and Carla (hair and Make-up) hard at work in the background while Rozanne and Sybil are discussing the next shot.

Alex (Photography assistant) in the foreground is a bit lost in our small space with 20 wedding dresses.

Sybil dressing the model for our next shot.

Adel (Photographer) shooting our model, Ancellia from Outlaw models.

My mother and grandmother waiting patiently with our other model, Tammy (the dog) while enjoying the amazing view from the studio.

Rozanne, the Dog whisperer...

 Beate from the Birdcage in Stellenbosch putting the finishing touches on the cake for our final shot of the day.

 Our male model, Wade from Outlaw models, going psycho on the cake!

Rozanne bribing Tammy with dog biscuits to stay put next to our Model Nicola from Outlaw models.

After a good 10 hour work day we were happy with a hard days work. Thanks to everyone who contributed to this shoot. We were an amazing team!

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