Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Jandre: Matric Dance

You know the saying that mother knows best...well I'm sure that our Mothers knows best but what I've found when styling Matric dances is that the boys would take my advice instead of listening to their mothers when it comes to getting the right look...would this make Moi Styling knows best??

Every June/July school holiday I always spot the Mom with her son in the mall desperately looking for suits, shirts, ties and shoes for his Matric dance. Now by the look on both their faces this is no easy task. Last year I was asked by a group of friends from Bishops to style them for their Matric dance. The boys loved their stylish transformations while the mothers enjoyed not arguing with their sons on what to wear. Each boy received their look within 20 minutes and walked away with their Matric Dance attire. No hassle and fuss free. Some of the mom's explained that this was an effortless experience and the total cost of their attire was less than half of what they would have spent in the shops.

Margo, Jandre's mom, contact me to style Jandre for his Matric Dance. She explained that she knows what men usually wear to formal events but she would prefer it if I could put together a look for her son because she simply does not have the time and patience to take her son to the shops and maybe then not even find the right suit for him.

I sourced a Black Carducci suit, black and white detailed silk tie, white Carducci french collar shirt, black reversible belt and black leather Polo shoes. I decided not to match his tie completely with his date's dress because I simply can not stand the idea of matching everything and a Matric dance is suppose to be modern, funky and fun. I believe that each one of us are individuals and have an individual style. Each person needs to make a statement somehow and not blend in!

"A big thank you Rozanne for this fantastic efficient service! I am  recommending  you to all my friends with son's that have to do the Matric dance. It was the first time that my son didn't complain about getting clothing. It saved us time and effort running around from one shop to another.You 'fixed' him up in a flash and everything was perfect!!" Margo Horn

Here is Jandre's Matric dance style:

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