Sunday, August 21, 2011

Moi Suit look of the week

This is the Moi Formal Suit of the week. A Black Viyella suit, white Carducci shirt, a white paisley silk tie with matching pocket handkerchief.

The Moi Styling boutonnieres range from R55.00 to R-.00 depending on the materials we have to use. This excludes a sourcing and designing fee of R130. So no more flowers turning brown on your mans' shoulder by the end of day...take the creative leap with our unique boutonnieres..

 Images are photographed by LUV Photography. View the blog here:

Everything is available at the Moi Shop. The Moi shop is a mobile styling service where we come directly to your house and show you a selection of suits, ties, shirts, belts etc so that you can fit everything in the comfort of your own home. We know men hate shopping therefore let Moi Styling put together a look for you according to your needs.

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