Sunday, November 27, 2011

Cuban inspired wedding theme: Groom's attire

Some of my clients choose to not have a formal wedding with the traditional black suit, matching ivory waistcoat and tie and white shirt. Some feel that their wedding should be a bit more fun and festive. In their words it must be "informal". Now in my vocabulary for styling weddings there is no such thing as "informal" weddings. No matter how laid back your wedding theme is, the bride and groom along with their bridesmaids and groom's man should set the tone of the wedding and should some how still keep some basic traditions of a wedding style but give it a modern twist to portray the "informality" of the wedding theme.

I've put together a Cuban inspired look. One can still option for the groom to wear a tie and the groom's man to wear open collar shirts but this look as it is says "informal" but still holds the basic style sense of a traditional wedding look.

Here I have a black C2 Carducci slim fit pants with matching waistcoat. White Carducci shirt with Black stitching detail on the collar and cuff. The inside of the neck and inside of the cuff has black detail for a modern yet formal finish to an amazing shirt. This shirt is versatile and can be worn with or without a tie. To add to the Cuban inspired look and add a fun and festive feel to this look I made a red and turquoise boutonniere.

Everything is available at the Moi Shop. The Moi shop is a mobile styling service. We source and show you a selection of suits, ties, shirts, belts etc so that you can fit everything and walk away within 30minutes with your signature style. We know men hate shopping therefore let Moi Styling put together a look for you according to your needs. 

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