Monday, November 7, 2011

My Wedding day Editorial: Behind the scenes

Planning a shoot is one of the most stressful things to do. In this case it was the total opposite...I had the most amazing team who helped put together this amazing editorial shoot for My wedding day magazine, issue 9. There comes a time in a stylist career when she either finds a photographer, a hair and make up artist or designer which you connect with and create the most beautiful images. In this case I have found just that!

Adel Ferreira was the photographer assisted by Jomeri Mouton. Adel is one of  the most talented photographers I've worked with and we always have the best time working on shoots.

Yolande Du Toit was our hair and make up artist for the day and Sunelle and Margaux from Blank Canvas sourced and styled the decor for the editorial.

Before I share our behind the scenes with you I would like to show you our inspiration for the shoot. We wanted to achieve an old Hollywood glamour look and feel and wanted to create a romantic setting with candles, glass vases and fairy lights.

 We had the pleasure of shooting on Webersburg wine estate in Stellenbosch. Call time was 12:00 and while Yolande was busy with hair and make up with our model Joyce from Boss Models, everyone unpacked and start setting up the first few shots.

Dresses and Accessories are ready for action

                      Yolande painting Joyce's nails                          Photography and decor setup

Sunelle from Blank Canvas setting up the decor for our first shot

The weather looking not so great at the moment and we had a bit of a panic because most of our shots were planned to shoot outside...

Rozanne figuring out the fairy lights

Adel, Jomeri and Sunelle lighting all the candles

Rozanne dressing Joyce in the first dress

Adel in action while Rozanne is checking the images on screen. Jomeri is on standby should Adel need to change the light settings.

Looking through the images to see if we have the shot.

Joyce sitting at the piano waiting while Adel and Rozanne decides how to shoot this shot 

 While waiting for the rain to stop and for the sun to set we quickly had to create another shot as a back up plan should it not stop raining. Rozanne volunteers with a glass of wine to be the "model" for Adel's light testing. Vogue eat your heart out!!

 Margaux and Joyce waiting patiently for shot setup.

 After a long 12 hour shoot we all sat together and had an amazing dinner with a well deserved glass of red wine in the rainy weather.

That's all for now, please be on the lookout for the my wedding day magazine which will be in stores nation wide this December.

Thanks again for the amazing all girls team for working so hard to make this editorial the best! I had a vision but the end result is so much better!


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