Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Happy Feet

Getting married is one thing but there are some decisions not to be taken lightly… Aka your wedding shoes. Some brides chose comfort while others choose beauty. I’m going to give you tips how you can get both comfort and beauty in one shoe and choose the right shoe according to your wedding theme!

 Wedge heel shoe


Pumps or flat heel shoe

Peep toe shoe     

Diamante stilettos

Sling back pointed shoe

 Slip on shoe

These are your basic styles of shoes. If you do not choose the right shoe according to your wedding some of these shoes will cause you a lot "pain" but I am going to tell you how to make your feet happy choosing the right shoe style and making this a pleasant experience for your feet.

*When choosing a shoe first you have to keep in mind the colour of your dress and the theme of you wedding.

*If you have a beach wedding you should look at pumps or wedge heels. Sky high stilettos won’t do you any good as your heels will sink into the sand and that equals unhappy feet and an unhappy bride. A closed shoe will also help to keep the sand from getting between your toes.

*For a formal wedding I suggest the peep toe, stilettos or pointed sling back shoe. These styles are elegant and no matter where the wedding is held these shoes have comfortable heel heights for you to be “on your toes” the whole day. These styles are comfortable to dance in because they either have support around the ankle or it grips at ones heels. I will not suggest a slip on shoe for an active bride because then you have to concentrate on gripping your shoes with your toes causing exhausted feet at the end of the day.

Now finding the right shoe according to your budget is also a problem for most brides. The cheapest shoes are not always the most comfortable shoes as we all know by now. Here are some tips how to glam up a plain and/ or inexpensive shoe and making it comfortable:

*Buy a plain peep toe shoe and go to antique - , second hand - or inexpensive jewelry stores and buy clip on earrings or brooches to glam up your shoe. This trick saves you a lot of money and it gives your shoes an instant sense of “Wow this looks like expensive shoes!”

*Another way of glamming up those shoes is to take feathers and add clip on earrings or buttons. Place them on the heels or on the toes of your shoes.

Now that you have your beautiful shoes it is necessary to make them comfortable. I went to Discem and found the Scholl range. I have used this range before and it really does work. I love wearing stilettos and half way through the night my feet hates me. So I used this handy range and now it’s like a walk in the park. Go to their website to view how to use these products:

*Also remember that you have to buy your shoes as soon as you have your dress material.
*Ask your designer to give you a sample of your dress material to make it easy choosing the right colour and style shoe.
*Take your shoes with to dress fittings. This will also help the designer to put in hems according to your shoe height.
*You also need to brake in the shoes before the wedding so wear them in or around the house when you have time to do so.

I hope I have made it easier for you to choose the perfect shoe for that perfect day and making it a hassle free experience!

Till we post again, happy reading!
Rozanne & Sybil

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