Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Moi Styling's ideas for Bestmen gifts

He stood by you making the most important decision of your life and now you do not know how to thank your Best man. The Moi team came up with a few ideas on what to give to your Best man or groomsman. These gifts can either be given to him before, on the day or after the wedding.

Personalised cuff links

 You can give this gift to your best man on or before the day of the wedding. You can engrave his initials on it to personalise them, making the gift more special and thoughtful.

Cuban Cigars and Cigar holders

Any man loves cigars and giving your Best man Cuban cigars with a holder that has his initials on it would make the perfect gift.

Golf accessories

If he is into sports maybe think of some accessories you can give to him.

Hip Flask

A stylish stainless steel and leather hip flask will always come in handy for any man.
One can also engrave his initials on it to personalise the gift.

Chrystal whiskey glasses

What better way to enjoy a good whiskey than to drink it out of a Chrystal glass. Give him a set of glasses with his favourite whiskey. If he does not enjoy whiskey, buy him a brandy or maybe a liqueur and buy a set of glasses accordingly. Buy something both of you would enjoy and have a glass together some time after the wedding.

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